The main functions of efc software can implement pretreatment, preliminary analysis, and deep analysis of dataset. The functions of pretreatment mainly include blank subtraction of EEM, correction of the inner filter effect, the Raman normalization, calibration with quinoline sulfate, and elimination of Raman & Rayleigh scattering. The preliminary analysis mainly includes calculation of absorption spectrum index and fluorescence spectrum index. The deep analysis of data mainly includes preliminary PARAFAC analysis, PARAFAC analysis without outliers, model optimization and validation, and model comparison and fitting. The specific function list is as follows:

1. Pretreatment of data

Pretreatment of EEM using interpolation

Instrument spectral correction

Inner filter effect correction

Raman normalization

Blank subtraction

Calibration with quinoline sulfate

Elimination of Raman & Rayleigh scattering


2. Preliminary analysis of datacalculation of indicators


Absorption spectrum indicators ---- Absorptivities and their ratios

Absorption spectrum indicators ---- Spectral slopes and their ratios

Absorption spectrum indicators ---- Spectral areas and their ratios

Fluorescence spectrum indicators ----Fluorescent peaks (Coble)

Fluorescence spectrum indicators ---Fluorescent volume (FRI)

Fluorescence spectrum indicators ----Fluorescent index (HIX, BIX, FI)
Fluorescence spectrum indicators ----Specific fluorescence

3. Deep analysis of dataPARAFAC analysis

Preliminary PARAFAC analysis

PARAFAC analysis without outliers

Model optimization and validation----Sum of the squared errors, SSE

Model optimization and validation----Core consistency

Model optimization and validation----Split half validation

Model optimization and validation----PARAFAC analysis with random initialization

Model comparison

Model fitting

Overall quality of data fitting ---- Relative SSE (RSSE)



The functions and their calculation methods can refer to the document The main functions and their calculation methods in efc software